Irssi Configs for the slacker


How to setup IRSSI to connect to a chatroom: and connect to the 10100 chat room

The purpose of this tutorial is to show someone how to setup irssi on a mac, connect to the gamesurge network, and then automate connecting and joining a chat room, with authentication.

Irssi is my chat client of choice, and in future tutorials Ill get into more detail why I choose this “old moldy command line client” over some of the newer fancy char apps that are out there.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will be installing the following software on your computer: - The Xcode compiler (without the full xcode install)

  • Homebrew (an amazing package manager for osx)
  • Irssi (our chat client of choice)

    Install a compiler:

    You can go to apple and download the full version of Xcode, but the last time I checked it was weighing in at over 4GB installed. I like to keep my computer as lightweight as possible so Ill install the GCC compiler that is in Xcode without the bloat. You can do the same here or if you have maverick paste the following command in terminal and say test to installing command line tools.

    xcode-select --install

    Install a package manager:

    There are many package managers out there for OSX. I believe that I have tried just about all the relevant ones. This is the one I use now and for many reasons, too many to cover here it is far superior to almost everyone. Install Homebrew.

Open your terminal and paste this command:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install irssi:

Now that we have homebrew setup from the command line we type the following:

brew install irssi

You should see some command line magic happening, and irssi and all of its dependencies will download and install.

Setup Irssi

From your terminal type irssi you will be prompted with a screen with a blue bar at the top and one close to the bottom.

Add a network:

/network add GameSurge

Add a server to the network:

/server add -auto -network GameSurge 6667

Add a channel to connect to on that server:

/channel add -auto #10100 GameSurge

Add authentication so you don’t have to login each time,

/NETWORK ADD -autosendcmd "/^msg auth user pass;wait 2000" GameSurge

exit irssi by typing:


<open it back up (by typing irssi again) and if you see the following you have successfully authed: -AuthServ( I recognize you. Last we will save our layout so we don’t have to hit Alt 2 to see the chat room each time, hit alt 1-2-3-4 (depends on how many windows you have open but this is how you navigate between them. Once you see the screen you want it to open automatically to each time type the following:

 /layout save

That’s just about it. Feel free to ask for help here if anything goes wrong.