Survival Guide

Surviving in 10100 is easy. Just join the chat room and play some games with us on teamspeak.


We have a teamspeak server, for the password join our chat room.

The server information is here:



and if you would like to donate, click donate below.


If you see a negative value in bright green that is how much credit we have towards the server. That is a good thing we want that to be as high as possible.


10100 has a chat room located on the wonderful gamesurge irc network.


  • Our chat room is #10100

For instructions on how to join its pretty specific to what computer / os / tablet you use.

On the mac lots of people like to use textual its a whole $4.99 if your looking for something thats free, try Colloquy.

On the PC lots of people use MIRC, Xchat, and many others too many to list.

If you want a specific tutorial or need help please let someone here know.

Instructions on how to connect with IRSSI are located here.

Stats for IRC