unboxing apple watch

June 1st, 2015

late to the game or not really playing. I jumped on the apple watch sale about 6 hours too late. I decided to see it first before I ordered. I saw it and wanted it. Ordered late and here we are. Long awaited products don’t have the same luster and shine. Telling everyone “next week” for the past 3 weeks its a long wait. Watch Packaging I love apple packaging always have. Its done well and thought out to perfection. They have done this so good for so long its nice to see that they are not slipping. Tim Cooks supply chain is as solid as ever, down to the last packaging detail.

Watch Packaging Open Packaging is in general an after thought for a company but not so here.

Watch In front of Packaging The watch in front of the components.

Watch and Hammy Agent Hammy.

Monkey Looks On Agent Monkey.

Watch On the Table Watch on the Table. It feels nice to the touch and to model the size I have hired my main man jan, as a wrist model Jan has the daintiest wrists around and was proud to show them off to our viewers, all 4 of them.

Wrist Model As you can see Jan’s watch is made of solid iron. Have you ever heard the phrase the larger the car the smaller the “donkey”.

watch crown Fit and Finish up close.

Watch Aluminum The typeface is legible, and looks good.

Watch Band The band feels different than you would think being a rubbery like substance it feels very organic.

Overall it feels nice, I have to use the interface for a while to even talk about it. So far the notifications are nice to have on my wrist vs in my pocket.

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