Popeye the Drunken Mess

June 20th, 2015

If you swap the spinach for beer, then any episode of Popeye becomes a bitter story of a raging alcoholic, right down to the speech impediment and tendency to fight people who he believes are trying to steal “his girl” -GD


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Apple Watch

June 5th, 2015

I got my apple watch. A sport model space grey in color with a black band. Below are the things that immediately jumped out at me.


It feels great on your skin. It looks great, its not to big. That was my biggest worry when it was announced. That I would have a large piece of glass and metal strapped to my wrists and not be able to button my cufflinks. It’s a surprisingly slim and manageable size. The Sports band does not feel like any plastic or silicone I’ve ever felt. It almost has a skin like texture to it. Quite nice and almost velvety.


Notifications are some of the most useful and some of the most frustrating parts of the watch. This is something you will need to focus some attention on. You will need to pair down your notifications to make your watch an actual useful tool, not a everything on blast device. For most of the apps right now, its all or nothing. Let me take one app and explain further.

Take Instagram

I personally don’t want to know every-time someone likes a photo I posted. Not on my wrist anyway. I would like to know if someone comments on one of my photos. Unfortunately at this time there is no breakout its either notifications on or off. App makers need to start adding these features.

Filter your notifications

Filtering what you want on your wrist is a must. Pairing down to essential notifications is a great exercise in productivity. You must spend a little time and tell the phone / watch what you do and don’t want to see. Its a trial and error process but if you stay on top of it its not hard. The initial cleanup can be brutal but stay the corse and eventually you will be in notification bliss.

Gestures and Force Touch

This isn’t an iPhone. The same button/crown press is not going to bring you back to the “home” screen. With that said, the controls are relatively intuitive. Once you figure them out. I chose to not look at a single video, or any tutorials and I still haven’t. But I think I have almost every gesture, Force click, and button combo dialed all within 2 days. Intuitive for a device, but I’ve always been able to do this kinda things so maybe its just me.


If there is one killer feature that you may want the watch for its the Health / Workout tracking, I find that these have motivated me to do more with my day than any other device. Filling in the little circles is addicting, and thats just what you want from a device that tracks these things. It seems like such a genius design I can’t understand why nobody else did this before. So simple, yet so powerful. This is where the Apple I know and love shines. I could go on and on about how much I’ve worked out the past week vs the past 6 months but I think Ill save that for note next 6 months and let you know what it changes longterm. Right now its quite enticing and I’m really enjoying it.

Missing Features

No notes app? Listen I’m all in, no looking back. I have the iPhone 6+, the 12inch macbook, 27in iMac, and the apple watch. I’m like captain space grey up in this piece. I can’t for the life of me figure out why I can send myself a reminder but I can’t take a note. It seems like something overlooked thats quite big in my opinion. with Siri’s dictation being so good now I want to be able to raise my wrist say hello Siri take a note for me “sharks are like the bunnies of the sea” lower my wrist and know that in my notes that text is saved. Maybe its coming but to me so far this is the biggest miss.

With the exclusion of notes on the watch, or the ability for Siri to write to them directly without handoff. I think its a pretty complete device. it tells time, weather, tracks your health, checks your stocks

Overall Experience

Ive heard as recent as today on Facebook that smart watches aren’t ready. I believe this statement to be false. Ill explain. If you want a watch, its hard to beat the price and the options now. I personally like a little higher end watches, 200-300 dollars is nothing in the watch world. So a 350-400 dollar smart watch seems like a no brainer to me. I always loved my Casio calculator watch and this is just the big boy version of that. Its just a watch first off and foremost, and apple did a good job designing it to be just that. The watch faces are all customizable and you can save your own custom faces, in any color / combo your heart desires. Its quite nice I have a movie theater face, a business face, and a cool face. I like them all.

If you don’t wear a watch or don’t want one of corse the watch isn’t for you. Maybe when they make calls project a magic holographic screen and can magically call an ambulance if your in a wreck or the cops when your getting robbed. Then the people on the fence will jump on it then. But by then will we still call them watches?


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unboxing apple watch

June 1st, 2015

late to the game or not really playing. I jumped on the apple watch sale about 6 hours too late. I decided to see it first before I ordered. I saw it and wanted it. Ordered late and here we are. Long awaited products don’t have the same luster and shine. Telling everyone “next week” for the past 3 weeks its a long wait. Watch Packaging I love apple packaging always have. Its done well and thought out to perfection. They have done this so good for so long its nice to see that they are not slipping. Tim Cooks supply chain is as solid as ever, down to the last packaging detail.

Watch Packaging Open Packaging is in general an after thought for a company but not so here.

Watch In front of Packaging The watch in front of the components.

Watch and Hammy Agent Hammy.

Monkey Looks On Agent Monkey.

Watch On the Table Watch on the Table. It feels nice to the touch and to model the size I have hired my main man jan, as a wrist model Jan has the daintiest wrists around and was proud to show them off to our viewers, all 4 of them.

Wrist Model As you can see Jan’s watch is made of solid iron. Have you ever heard the phrase the larger the car the smaller the “donkey”.

watch crown Fit and Finish up close.

Watch Aluminum The typeface is legible, and looks good.

Watch Band The band feels different than you would think being a rubbery like substance it feels very organic.

Overall it feels nice, I have to use the interface for a while to even talk about it. So far the notifications are nice to have on my wrist vs in my pocket.

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