10100.org was formed after the end of nikeotronik.com, as a way to keep in touch with the friends we had made there.

Also as a way to further G, and my skills as web developers, content developers, and community builders. We chose the name after throwing a couple LAN parties. It was, at the time the speed of the network, and it seemed like a great idea. We would turn it into a great site, LAN parties, girl photos, Forums, and a blog _(although at the time blog wasnt a term yet)_. All this before there were the CMS’s that are on the market today. It was a great idea, and a fun time. We ran the server out of a Long island Datacenter, and I built many different versions to support the growing site, the most famous was pizzabox, one of G’s old computers that I fashioned a case for out of, you guessed it. Old used greasy pizza boxes. That server was hacked and someone gave us a bunch of software that we needed, and I learned how to keep a server secure. We learned that firewalls were a good thing. Fast forward to now, with over 40 NYC LAN’s under my belt, and a large community of people that I still keep in touch with you see why its hard to let 10100 completely die. I guess 10100 will live in some shape or form for the rest of my life. As OJ would say 10100 4 life!

Lan Photos

- Outdoor LAN

- A lot of lan’s Bunched together

- Greek Boys Club LAN and some others

- booze LAN

- Virus Lan


- 10100 club takeover

- Quakecon 2004

- Pickle Chucking Incident

- Kings Games Lan and some other stuff

- Kings Games LAN with LAN Fairy

- Got Lan’s?

- Outdoor LAN Again maybe the first one?